20 ha of G14 ULMA Agrícola greenhouse in North America

20 ha of G14 greenhouse

In fiscal year 2016, ULMA Agrícola, installed 2 large projects, in addition to others, in North America that cover a total of nearly 20 ha with ultra-high-tech G14 greenhouse structures.

ULMA Agrícola’s G14 model is a 14.4m wide gothic shaped structure. Better climate control can be achieved with these dimensions because it favors the minimum possible interior temperature variation. Because the structures have a large undivided space, there is less shade from the structure on the crops that, along with more sunlight, helps achieve higher crop production. The arches made with 90 x 50 tubing give the structure great strength.

The ULMA Agrícola team stays alongside customers from the beginning of the project and gives them advice about choosing every element that will be installed in their project, from the kind of structure to use to deciding on which auxiliary elements and equipment is best suited to obtaining the optimal climate for every kind of crop.

In these two projects that cover nearly 20 ha, the greenhouses have lateral and frontal ventilation that are appropriate for every use and whose size has been determined according to studying the balance between the ventilation openings to create the conditions needed for air exchange to provide the comfort the plants need for proper growth.

Furthermore, every area has been equipped with a double inflated film system, recirculation fans, hydroponic or drip irrigation, hot air generators and CO2 distribution controllers. The climate and irrigation equipment is controlled using a device that can monitor and control the guidelines set forth.

ULMA Agrícola was in charge of supervising and coordinating both projects.