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Greenhouses for Mexican flower farms

Greenhouse for Mexican flower farm

ULMA Agrícola has recently finished a more than 1 ha installation for a major Mexican flower growing company. Read more

20 ha of G14 ULMA Agrícola greenhouse in North America

20 ha of G14 greenhouse

In fiscal year 2016, ULMA Agrícola, installed 2 large projects, in addition to others, in North America that cover a total of nearly 20 ha with ultra-high-tech G14 greenhouse structures. Read more

Greenhouses for tropical climate

Arin greenhouse ór structure for tropical climate

In recent months at ULMA Agricola we have been developing several Arin type greenhouse facilities in several zones of the Caribbean, Africa and equatorial America. This structure is also known as a tropical structure because it is designed to meet the needs of these geographical regions with warm climates and high relative humidity. Read more

We launch a new website with responsive design


At ULMA Agrícola, we have a new website with a visual, multilingual and optimised display for all types of devices. Read more

ULMA Agrícola, the best protection against cold

Gothic greenhouse

ULMA Agrícola has recently completed a project in the far east of Russia, where the average annual temperature is -2.1 ºC. The climatic features of each area along with the specific needs of growing climate that will occur are data valued by ULMA Agrícola when designing and delivering the solution that best meets these needs. Read more