Greenhouses for Mexican flower farms

Greenhouse for Mexican flower farm

ULMA Agrícola has recently finished a more than 1 ha installation for a major Mexican flower growing company.

The company has gained international recognition for the quality of the products it grows. It’s chiefly known for its attention to all the details that boost quality levels, attention and market satisfaction.

Floriculture is the branch of horticulture concerned with the cultivation of ornamental plants and flowers at an industrialized level for decorative, cosmetic or medicinal use. It’s generally considered to be a very demanding crop in terms of climate and lighting conditions, so the selection and size of all the auxiliary elements in the greenhouse is vitally important.

ULMA Agrícola has extensive experience in building facilities that meet the needs of this delicate kind of crop. In this case, the decision was made to subdivide the project into 4 different areas according to the kind of crop to be grown in each one. For interior climate control, a double inflated film system, recirculation fans, water heaters and internal and external thermal screens were installed. The equipment is controlled independently for each area, so the management of each one can be adapted according to the specific needs of each crop.